Privacy Policy

Collection of information
Providing better products and services to our customers is the priority and basic goal of Variety Scissors by keeping close contact with our customers. The user account management is another reason to collect the personal details of the users.

Information collection at Registration Form
Some areas of our site are restricted and require registration compulsorily for a user to access it. It could be required when you apply for a service or place an order with us. The common information of a user like name, address, email, country, time zone and phone number.

Use of collected Information
The information we collect from our visitors either through order form, news letter form or registration form is used to confirm the user identity in the first attempt. In case of order, this information is used to confirm the order detail and also to send delivery of the product either by us or any third party. This data is the major source of communication with our customers all over the world.
The information is also used to inform you about new products and services we launch at our company website. Variety Scissors also send some useful information to its customers and visitors about the best use of its products and services through its newsletters service. That’s why this information can also be used to send these tips or tricks to its users on weekly or monthly basis. These services are optional that can be cancelled by unsubscribing with us on clicking the link below our emails sent you.

Do we share this information?
We respect the privacy of our customers; therefore we consider it as our duty to protect your personal information provided to us. However we don’t provide any kind of guarantee to protect this information 100%. We never share, sell or transfer the user personal data to anyone in any form for any cause. The information can be shared with the third parties that provide delivery services to our clients, just to reach them for the delivery of their products. This information can be shared with law enforcement agencies on the order of the court only, in any unavoidable circumstances. In all other cases this information will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone in the world.

Use of Cookies
We don’t use any kind of cookies to track your personal information like system information, IP address and browser information. The primary purpose of the cookies is to gather useful information of the visitor to enhance the product and services available at business website. The cookies help webmasters to know the interest of the visitor by tracking his/her time and behavior on the website. It helps companies to enhance that specific area of product that is frequently visited or viewed by the visitors. We will let you know through our privacy policy page if we in the future use cookies for our website.

Links to Other Websites
If a visitor find any of the link available at our website that belongs to another company, and if you visit it and make any kind of purchase over there, the Variety Scissors, its officials, affiliates or any partner will not be considered as responsible for the terms between you and company. That company will deal you with its own privacy and terms of use policies. We don’t recommend, refer or endorse any external link available at Variety Scissors as our guarantee.

Privacy towards Minors
Variety Scissors is not for the use of the people below the age of 13 and parents or the guardian of the minor must inform us through email or any other source if the minor is using our website because verifying the age of a person is difficult online. We never deal or collect the information from minors through our website.

Security of the user data
We at Variety Scissors take all the necessary measures to protect our customer and common visitor data. The measures can physical, electronic or administrative to save your data from hackers and other unauthorized use. Our stored data is 100% secured and safe from any unauthorized usage. However we don’t provide any surety or guarantee to protect your data.

Change in Privacy Policy
We also reserve the right to modify, delete or change any of the part of our privacy policy without prior notification to its visitors and customers. You will have to ensure frequent visits to our website to see the latest copy of our privacy policy. If you have any question related to this privacy policy please let us know for prompt reply on

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