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Variety Scissors Free Shipping

Especial Free Shipping Offer:

We offer free shipping when your ordered quantity weighs 20Kg or the value of the order exceeds $5000 in amount. This offer will automatically appear in the checkout form. This offer is shipped through economy service that take 8-15 days to reach the destination, depending upon the place and the country you belong. Following is the list of countries with free shipping service:

  • USA
  • Canada

Normally, the shipping charges are included when a company offers a free shipping service on your order. But the free shipping offered by Variety Scissors does not include any kind of hidden or extra charges. The offer is 100% genuine and free.

Offer Number 2:

The products marked as free shipping, are absolutely free for all countries that is shipped by courier or by post to the respective countries, according to company policy. The transit time can be 12-25 days for this offer.

For the Customer Information

The shipping cost varies according to the place of shipment and the weight of the product. The Kg and half Kg weight contain higher shipping cost. As the weight becomes higher, the shipping cost will decrease accordingly. If you keep following points in your consideration, you can save a big amount on your purchase that can make your product a cheap one.


If you buy the items with 100 grams weight, the shipping charges for this purchase will go in the half Kg tariff. Even if you include, the more 400 grams item in the weight that will also be included in same shipping cost. It can bring a massive decrease in the price of your purchased product. The chart below can provide a better idea.

Frequently Asked Questions about different shipping methods and their answers:

How many items can be shipped in the one Kg weight?

Size of the Scissors Quantity
Mix Size 5”-6.5” 12-15 scissors
7”-10” 6-10 Scissors

The items that come under the dimension, their weight is calculated by converting dimensioned into weight. Our products include only finger rings, packing, etc. as they are wide and light weighted. Moreover, you can calculate the estimated weight and shipping cost of any product by adding to the basket.

What is Dimension?

If the length of a box is 400CM, 200CM width and its height 100CM, the dimensional weight of this box will be 16Kg. The shipping cost will be charged on 16 Kg, even if the weight is less than 16Kg. If the weight is more than 16Kg, the fare will be charged for the actual weight of the product.

How to Control a Dimension?

If you place an order of 100 scissors with 100 pouches and instruct us to pack both of the items in the separate boxes. For example, if the weight of the scissor is 80 g and the weight of pouch is also of 80g, and the size of the pouch box is 100* 200* 400*. The dimensional weight of this box will be 16Kg and the scissors 8Kg. It will be shipped in 24Kg in total.

If you pack the same scissors in the two boxes packed in their pouches, even then the shipment will be made on 16Kg weight.  In this regard, you can save 8Kg and your purchase will be cheaper than before.