Exclusive Offers

Discount Offer
Wholesale discount is not listed here because of competitors we have in the scissor industry. If you are new, please create an account on our website, we will review and send you discounted price through email by activating your account.

Minimum Order Quantity
Special discount is offered only those buyers who place 100 scissor order of a model with same size. The buyer of this quantity is categorized as wholesaler and distributor at Variety Scissors.

Special Offers

  1. There is no restriction of minimum order quantity, if you place an order from the stock available at Variety Scissors. You will be charged on wholesale rate even you purchase only one item from our store.

  2. You can ask for samples, if you want to ensure the quality of our products. We reimburse the sample’s shipping cost as you place order with us after complete satisfaction with our samples.

  3. We ask you to approve a sample before starting manufacturing process for the complete satisfaction, when you place big order without inspecting the quality of our products. Variety Scissors itself pay for shipment of these samples.

  4. If you select a product from our website but you want some changes in the design or color, so you contact us. We will make all necessary changes in design and color, if possible.

  5. Send us the sketches and necessary details of the product via email, if you want some special item to be manufactured at Variety Scissors.

  6. When you place an order of a special item on the condition that the item will not be sold out to your competitors, so you will have to buy all your available stock with us. Contrary to this, we reserve right to sell them out to any other person we like.

  7. We offer free repair for 3 months if you or your customer find any fault in performance or it become damaged during transportation. In this period, the buyer will be responsible for transportation and tax charges.

  8. We offer one year free sharpening service to our buyers. You can send all one time or one by one according to your needs for sharpening. Buyer will be responsible for transportations and tax charges.

  9. You will have to pay 30% as an advance, if you place an order for more than $5,000 and remaining 70% after completion of order before shipment.

  10. We also provide drop shipping facility to our customers. The product will be delivered directly to your customers according to your instructions in the drop shipping service. We use blank package for drop shipping that contains no logo or printing of our company any more. You can ask us to ship these shipping documents to your address, if you want to.

Offers for Suppliers and Exporters

  1. Please visit our factory or ask for samples to ensure the quality of our products before placing order with us.

  2. We ask you to approve sample for any of the special item you want us to prepare for you, before its manufacturing process. You will have to pay for all necessary expenses occurred on its preparation.

  3. Ensure your satisfaction on delivery within 3 days and let us know if you find any of the faults you found in the products. The product will be repaired, replaced or manufactured again but you will never refund for any of the product delivered.

  4. We offer refund for the products you purchase from our available stock within 3 days of its purchase without any hesitation in its original condition and packing. No complaint, replacement or refund for the product will be entertained after these three days.