Variety Scissors Frequently Asked Questions

Why your scissor is better than the other?

Our products have unique identity in the market. The scissors are delivered to the customers after complete inspection and satisfaction of our quality assurance staff that keep close eye on every manufacturing process of scissor.

What is guarantee of your scissor?

We provide one month guarantee for any of the manufacturing fault in our product.

What is the cutting capacity of your scissor?

We have found following cutting results by the practical experience of the barbers used our scissors. Users can get these results by using scissor carefully.

440 Steel = 500 Cutting

420 Steel = 100 Cutting

410 Steel = 50 Cutting

Can we offer guarantee to our customers?

Why not? You can offer the same guarantee offer by us but guarantee should be provided according to purchased scissor. We offer free sharpening service to our customer for first six months. You can send us all at once or one by one for service in this period of time. Variety Scissors will not be responsible for transportation and tax charges for this service.

Why one scissor keeps different rates?

Scissor rate is determined on its material used. The scissor rate will become higher as you apply superior material. Three different rates are offered in our price list according to material used.

What about a scissor I liked most but I want different color for it?

We have limitless colors to offer our customers. When you select a scissor from our website, you can ask for the color you want for it, and even screws of the scissors can also be changed according to the customer requirements, if possible.

Can we print our logo to the scissor we want to buy?

The computer generated water marks and logos are printed on your products, available at our website. You can apply for your own logo or name as well, but you will have to pay some extra charges for this service. There are no extra charges, if you print our logo or name on scissors you buy.  

What is sample cost?

We don’t charge for samples additionally but supplied on wholesale rate to our customers. If you apply for a special product sample of your own, you will have to pay the cost for its preparation.

What is the minimum order quantity, price, delivery time and the payment terms?

We have provided all kind of necessary information at our website; please visit our website for more detail.  Please contact us for any of the information you think not available on our website.

Do you allow a customer to place an order by collection different items from your parent company, warranty scissors and Variety Scissors?

Yes! You can place an order by making selection from both of our companies to the any of the company you like convenient.