Product Info

We at Variety Scissors follow the strict quality controlled procedure that makes our product unique one and according to the buyer requirements. The finest stainless steel is used in all of our scissor manufacturing procedures. Our scissors are hygienic because of chromium content that resists oxidation for a longer period of time. That’s why; our scissors can be used in the hairdressing without raising any question. We use higher carbon content that make our scissors sharper and harder than the other available scissors in the market. Moreover, the sharpness and hardness in our products remain for a longer period of time. It’s a unique feature of carbon steel that it oxidizes instantly in the damp environment that increases the life of a scissor.
Our aim is to provide you the best quality products keeping global standards in the consideration. You will be able to use Variety Scissors made scissor lifetime with just a little care and rational usage. Variety Scissors made scissors, reduce your re-sharpening cost that can be thousands of dollars each year, if you are using scissors on commercial or industrial purposes. We are providing the detailed information of our scissors so that our customers may satisfy that they are going to buy a quality product from a standard company. The following product information will simplify your purchase decision and it will also add you in the list of our satisfied customers all over the world.

Beauty Instruments Color Range
The multiple color range of the beauty instruments is available in the market these days. Design and the color of the scissor are two key features that make it attractive for a buyer. That’s the reason Variety Scissors emphasize on attractive design and the eye catching color while manufacturing a scissor. We have to pass a scissor from different procedures to get a unique and attractive color for it. Every color has its own features and qualities that make final outcome an attractive thing. The detail of them is as under:

Polish/ Mirror Finish/ Silver Finish
Polish, Mirror Finishing or Silver Finishing is the old surface covering procedure that is used in the modern era even with its long old history in scissor manufacturing procedures. It is widely used and liked by users all over the world. To improve the solderability, hardness and the wearability, the Silver finish is one of the best methods to decorate a scissor. The scissor has to go through a multi level gridding procedure in silver finish to give a professional look and also to fulfill global quality standard.

Mat Finish/Dull Finish/ Satin Finish
There is no any major difference in mat finish and polish finish at initial stage. The polishing buff and dull brush makes them different at the end. In the polish finish, the buff is used at the end and in the second procedure; the dull brush is used at the end of finishing of scissor.

Sand Blast Finish
When an instrument is forcibly propel under a heavy pressure of specified machinery to smoothness its surface, the procedure is known as “Sand Blas.” It is also one of the oldest forms of finishing that is still being used quite comprehensively by using latest technology. It is widely accepted and liked in finishing scissors. “Emery” is the chemical used in the powder form to make scissor smooth and satin in sand blasted finishing technique. Emery is spread on the surface of scissors with the help of machine known as blasting machine. It makes smooth the rough surface of scissor and also gives it a proper shape that was required.

Titanium Coating or Plasma Coating
Titanium Coating or Plasma Coating is an exciting technology used in scissor manufacturing. Titanium Coating enhances the functionalities and value of a scissor on a wide range, if the plasma combination is selected rationally. Plasma coating is the base of traction characteristics of any object including scissors if used with skills. The best possible use of polymer selection and plasma can be resulted into tailored solutions for roughness. We at Variety Scissors have wide range of color selection available for the customer demand like blue, gold, rose, light black, multi-color etc. You can choose the color according to your need and desire.

Jet Black Liquid Coating
When we talk about durable finishing and coloring, we cannot ignore the jet black liquid coating. It is a liquid color with the combination of different chemicals used to color the material. Using jet black liquid coating is always in the favor of the company and for the customer as well because the color has longer life and stays on metal for a longer period of time.

Electroplating or Gold Plating
In the gold plating or electro plating a thin layer of the gold is applied on the material to make it more shiny and durable for the final use. A layer of the pure gold is used for the completion of this process. This whole procedure is completed through electroplating. The electroplating is also applied on surgical, beauty and jewelry manufacturing industries. The chief benefit of the gold plating is that it often reduces the cost of the object as only a thin layer is used on the object by electroplating. It also makes the object more conductive and durable for a longer period of time.

Electroplating Gun Metal Color
It is an attractive light black color known as gun metal color in the scissor manufacturing industry. It has its own charm, attraction and functionalities while manufacturing a scissor. Normally the gun metal color is durable like electro plated color but it can also be fade within few months if not used carefully.

Paper Coating
To impart specific qualities to the paper like weight, surface gloss and smoothness, the paper coating is used. It contains some exciting features and unlimited choices that other coatings don’t have yet. So it is always exciting to apply them in the scissor industry. At Variety Scissors we welcome you all for any kind of work related to the paper coating as we can do everything according to your requirements. Our paper coating works have longer lasting quality assurance.

Metallic has wide range of colors and it is commonly used on beauty instruments in the world. Due to its durability and longer life, it is one of the most commonly used essential of beauty instruments as well as the scissor manufacturing in the world. Its shade shows grains that looks so attractive and eye catching.

Powder Coating
The powder coating has become one of the most popular coating techniques of the world. Powder coating is highly recommended for high quality and durable finish for the products. Moreover the unlimited colors range is available in powder coating. Flow modifiers, leveling agents, pigments, curatives and the polymer resin system are some of the important ingredients of powder coating that resulted in excellent finish and durability in the coating material.

Dip Coating
The dip coating is normally used for wire racks and toll handles and in the scissor manufacturing industry, it is also used dip the handles of the scissor in the protective and decorative manners. The wide range of the colors is available in the dip coating. It is up to the choice of the customer what the color he likes for his product. So you can select the color according to your needs and desired.

Spray Coating
When a melted material is sprayed on the surface the scissor, the process is known as spray coating. Spray coating makes the material shiny and attractive but unfortunately the life the spray coating is so short and it no longer remain on the surface of the scissor after some time even if the scissor is used carefully. The spray coating also has limitless choice of the colors that can be used on demand.

Laser Marking Design
Drawing any design on the scissor is not a problem for Variety Scissors as it uses laser technology to mark the design on the surface of the scissor. We also offer different attractive designs that can be used on the scissor but it is not compulsory! You can provide your own custom made design to use on your scissors manufacturing with us. Our laser machines also allow us to print logo for your products in a very comprehensive method, that’s why laser making design is not a problem for Variety Scissors at all.

Scissor Parts
The parts or accessories play vital role in shaping an instrument. The durable and attractive accessories can even influence the customers to make their final purchase decision. So if you are a reseller, you must use an attractive, stylish but durable accessory to attract thousands of customers to your business. You can use convertible accessories for your orders according to your customers’ demands or can place an order with mixed accessories depending on situation. Following are some of the important parts of the scissors that a customer need to take in consideration while placing an order. Some of them are so important like screw set and insets. The general information of the scissor is given below for the customer knowledge.

Tension Plate Screw Set
The tension plate screw set makes it easy to tight and loose an instrument. it secure the parts of an object internally or with the other parts to make it strong and tight. In case of scissor, the tension plate screw set play makes easy while tightening and loosing the scissor during manufacturing process.

Adjuster Screw Set
The adjuster screw set also makes it easy while tightening or losing an instrument in the scissor manufacturing process. The adjuster screw set is also used to ensure the smoothness, tolerance, and long term stability of the instrument. Without adjuster screw set, the stability of the instrument is not possible. The adjuster screw sets are designed in the way that they become best suited for extremely tight tolerances and with their lubricated feature it becomes compatible with the component quite smoothly.

Rivet/ Real Screw
Rivet screw is also known as real screw is widely used in most of the industries now. in the scissor industry, the screw driver is used to tight and loose the rivet or real screw. Moreover, the coins are also used to tight or loose the rivet screw in the scissor manufacturing industry.

Premium Screw
Some special screw drivers are used to tight or loose this kind of screws because of their special formations for noted purposes in scissor manufacturing industry. The scissor manufacturers often supply some special kind of screw driver each scissor supplied to the client at the time of execution of order.

Ball Bearing Screw Set
Ball bearing can also be used in the scissor manufacturing and some clients often demand for ball bearing scissors nowadays. In the scissor tension system, these ball bearings are used to manufacture a ball bearing scissor. The ball bearing screw set is used while manufacturing ball bearing scissors.

Ring Inserts
We provide a ring inserter for each scissor we supply to the customers. It facilitates the users with the fat fingers as it allows them to use scissor without finger inserts. Variety Scissors has more than 10 different attractive colors to offer its customers in the market. Variety Scissors is not confined to the 10 colors for finger ring inserter, the customer can ask for its own color of the choice. So feel free to place order keeping any color of the finger inserter in the consideration.

Hook Washer
Used in the scissor finger rest, the hook washer simply has just one standard size but 10 different colors at Variety Scissors. You can place an order for limitless color collection we have at Variety Scissors as we are not confined to 10 colors. The custom color order for hook washer is also entertained on the request of the customers at Variety Scissors, so don’t be worried about colors.

Screw Washer
The screw washer is placed at the head of the screw to make it tighten ever than before. The screw washer makes smoothness and adjustment of the scissor better. It enhances the quality and durability of the scissor by making it more functional for use. Unlike the hook washer it is available in different sizes at Variety Scissors. So you can select any of the size while placing order with Variety Scissors.

Bumper or Stopper
Bumper or stopper is the tool used to stop the irritating rattle of the scissor while the both ring hit each other. There is no limit for colors and sizes for such bumpers and stoppers to place any order with Variety Scissors.

Scissor Care and Repair
Your scissor will get worn out with the passage of time, if you don’t care about them properly even if you buy a highest quality brand with the huge price. You need to use, maintain, handle and store your instruments properly so that it may remain operational for a longer period of time. Following are some of the useful information that will help you to sharp, handle, repair and maintain your scissors. It’s a practical information that help you in the real sense.

Proper cleaning is the first step that enhances the operational life of a scissor. Clean your scissor after every use with a towel or any specified cloth for this purpose. Removing moisture is so important, if any on the surface of the blades. While opening blades to clean the scissor, be careful, it may cut your fingers. Never use a blower or any other appliance as it may off align the scissor.

Use protective case, pouch or holster as proper secure storage. If you want its top condition for a longer period of time then use its original box for its storage. The sharpness of the scissor will be affected if you toss numbers of scissors on each other in a drawer. Therefore use pouch or box if you need to store them at one place so that its sharpness may not be affected.

Regular Sharpening of Scissor
Regular sharpening is the top strategy to keep scissor in its real condition. Take the services of some professional technicians equipped with necessary tools to sharp scissors properly. The technician must be Factory Certified so that you may lose your important pair of scissor just because of handling this job to a wrong person. More over the hair cutting scissor must be used for cutting hair and not for any other purpose so that it may work properly. Also drop two drops of oil on the screws of blades to keep that operational and functional.

Careful Handling
Avoid using scissor when they are in the proper conditions as it makes it worse. Use scissor lubricant before storing scissor in the pouch or box so that it remains its top condition for a longer period of time. Avoid dropping the scissors in the routine because it damages the essential parts of the scissors. It will not only affect the scissor but also the quality of the work. Always check your scissors for nicks if they are frequently dropped by workers. Immediately repair such scissors that found nicked.

Repair of Scissors
There should be a regular inspection for your scissor before using it in your cutting tasks because using a nicked scissor can impact the quality of your work. So use scissor when it is in the good condition. Following are some of the important points that may help you when you need a scissor to be repaired:

  • You need to check the screw head washer, if your scissor does not get tighten if after several attempts. Change the screw head washer, if you find it de-shaped while inspecting the washer. If you find that the problem is still on the ground then change the screw head washer and then try again. This time the problem will be resolved.
  • If the screw gets slip while tightening it and the scissor gets loose for the multiple times then you need to replace screw and nut both.
  • Sharpen the scissor from an authentic Factory Certified professional unless you lose your scissor as well. The non-professional technician can impact your quality of work by handling the sharpening procedure in the non professional manners.
  • You will have to use forceps or pliers to pull a new stopper if bumper or stopper becomes order less.

Material and Shears Features
Scissors are different from each other on different grounds like names, features and the material used by scissor manufacturing company at the time of its production. We at Variety Scissors use the material of your choice that suits your product nature and need. Following are some of the important information regarding material and its features so that you may choose the material you want. We are also available for those customers who want their scissors to be manufactured in some special kind of material.

AISI-440C Steel

The cutting tools made with AISI-440C Steel are considered as the best tools in the world because of their steel quality. AISI-440C Steel is far superior to the 410 steel for cutting tools manufacturing. Statistics shows that AISI-440C Steel is four times better than the any other superior steel when we talk about tool manufacturing materials.  We use AISI-440C Steel to manufacture scissors on the demand of our customers. The 100% purity of the material is guarantee of Variety Scissors and it is also our reorganization in the world scissor market. Please keep in the consideration that handles of the scissors are not made of AISI-440C Steel and they are excluded from the terms of the contract. The handles are made of normal but quality material.

AISI-420 Steel
AISI-420 Steel is the second best qualitative material in the scissor manufacturing industry of the world. The cutting performance of the AISI-420 Steel is also excellent but inferior to 440C Steel. More than 80% scissors you see in the market are made of AISI-420 Steel because of their excellent performance and economical rates.

AISI-410 Steel
The end user prefers the scissors made of AISI-410 steel because it’s cheap rate. AISI-410 steel is economical than the other available steels material in the market. It is economical than the AISI-420 steel that’s why it has huge demand in the scissor industry. The hardness of AISI-410 steel is 50-52 degree, which makes it preferable among users for routine usage for their cutting needs.

Two Piece Welded Shears
The name suggests that these scissors are made of two different materials. The blades of these scissors are made of 440 steel but the handles are made of normal steel. Both of these metals are welded together to make a master piece. Its manufacturing technique makes it easy to get better breakage control over scissor parts and this is the real philosophy behind manufacturing two pieces welded shears.

TC Shears
TC or Tip Welded Shears are made of tungsten carbide or any other metals with the same sense. The metal is welded on the cutting edge of the scissors to make it more functional for cutting purpose. The metal used also protects it from nicks that may cause of mishandling by workers. The top quality material used on the cutting edges of the scissor, improves its functionalities and also the cutting life. That’s why TC Shears have its own recognition in the scissor market of the world.

Edge Sharpening
Scissor sharpening is essential to keep the scissor at its top quality condition. We already have discussed the importance of scissor sharpening for a user. Here we aim to discuss the important methods of scissor edge sharpening. Following are four major techniques or methods to sharpen the edges of the scissors along with many other general methods.

  • Convex Edge: The convex edge method makes a scissor sharp like a razor and commonly used on the polish finish. By using the polishing filers and diamond stones, the scissor’s blade inner sides are hollow grinded on the disks that makes it sharp not less than a razor.
  • Semi Convex Edge: Semi convex edge and convex edge both are almost same but the difference is that the scissor edge is separately sharpened on the disk like bevel edge. This method makes the colored scissor edges thin and sharp like a razor. That’s the reason; the method is widely accepted for sharpening the colored scissors in the world.
  • Beveled Edge:: This scissor is made of flat blade and the flat edge. This is one the oldest methods of making edge that are still in practice. In this method, the edge is placed on 25-30 degree that makes it suitable for thick and hard haircut. The edges are especially designed for the pet grooming and normal shears. The life and the durability of the beveled edge are considered more than the other edges available in the scissor industry. That’s why they are widely used and demanded in the world market.
  • Micro Serrated Edge: Micro Serrated Edge is made with the micro teeth on the surface of the scissor edge. As the small teeth are engraved on the edge of the scissor, that’s why the scissor is also known as serrated scissors. This kind of scissors produces minor cutting tone when they are used for a haircut.