Terms & Conditions

Variety Scissors welcome you all on its web site and ensure that you will have better experience by dealing with us. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before placing any order with Variety Scissors.

Copy Rights
All the material available on this website including, contents, images, logo, name, banners or videos is the personal property of Variety Scissors. Any portion of this material discussed above cannot be reproduced, republished or distributed in any form without prior notification and permission of Variety Scissors. In the case of violation, Variety Scissors reserve the right to take all necessary actions at all available forums to penalize such websites and companies.

Trademark and Printing
If any of the customer places an order with us by following the registered pattern of a product without consent of that person, association or company, he will solely be liable for his attempt. Variety Scissors or its any subsidiary, affiliats, partners or any company official will not be liable for attempt of that company. We never accept orders in case we know the company is violating the patent or trademark laws.

The water marks, logo and printings on the product images are only to protect the images from being copied and nothing else. We take all possible necessary measures to protect our company material online.

Shears Measurements
The finger rest is not included in the sizes available on the web site. View image

We use polybags or cardboard bags as normal packing for all of our products at Variety Scissors. If a customer wants special packing, he may ask for it but he will have to pay additional for this packing.

Cancellation of Order
You can cancel the order or can ask for its replacement anytime before its packing, in case you place your order from available stock at Variety Scissors. Contrary to this, the product order will not be cancelled or returned when they are packed and dispatched.

When a customer places an order according to his demand, we start its production after taking necessary steps. The customer is not allowed to ask for cancellation or alteration in order when production gets started.

Rectifying of errors
we reserve the right to rectify any error related to the product, its price or description you found while placing an order. Whether the error was human or technical due to our system, we keep right to rectify it as we informed about it even when you as customer had placed an order with that error on the site.

If the product you are looking for at our website is out of stock when you placed an order, you will be informed about availability of the product in future. If a product shows “stock available” on a product due to human or system error while it is actually not available in stock, you will be instantly informed for the status of the product availability. In above mentioned situations you can contact us for any change or alteration in the order placed.

Payment Detail
We accept 100% advance payment for every order you place with us. In some cases we also accept 30% advance and remaining 70% before dispatching products for final shipment. Wire Transfer to our bank is the best suited mode of payment for Variety Scissors.

If you require the samples of our products before placing an order with us, you will have to pay sample cost.

Dispatch of Shipments
From the following three modes of shipments; Courier, By Air and By Sea, a customer can select one according to his convenience. If a buyer wants us to suggest the mode of shipment, we suggest courier because delivery of the product in this delivery mode arrives at the door step of the buyer. The details of the shipment are as follow:

• Courier Service: 3-10 Days Arrival Time
• By Air Cargo: 10-15 Day Arrival Time
• By Sea Cargo: 30-90 Day Arrival Time