Re-seller Drop Shipping

We not only pay an attractive commission and drop shipping facilities to our resellers, but also respect the privacy of the client. You can earn thousands of dollars monthly without investing a single penny, sitting in your home or in office by attracting customers towards our company products. Create an account on our company website for reseller membership. We will review your account and will let you know its updated status.

Offer for Reseller Members
Resellers are offered all of our products at wholesale rates along with free drop shipping. The reseller will enjoy all of the facilities available for our wholesalers and distributors. If a reseller member refers us a client and he make a purchase with us, he or she will be provided 5% commission on scissors and 2% on the other items. Moreover, the commission will be provided to the reseller every time the customer places an order with us.

Drop Shipping
We facilitate our members by shipping the products directly to their customers, if directed or requested. Keeping your privacy in mind, we don’t print any kind of label or logo on the products and package. Moreover, the shipping documents can also be mailed you directly as per instructions. We ensure our members that we don’t supply our products directly to their customers without your prior permission, if they ever wished to be direct with us. If a member asks us to supply the product on commission basis, the company will be liable to pay the commission until he buys our products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reseller and their Answers
How can we resell your product?
1- If you don’t have an online shop so create one today. You will be provided with the blank images of our products to display on your online store. If a customer places an order for any of the product, you can ask us to supply that product to resell your customer. You can also take advantage of our drop shipping services.

2- We will provide you a printed catalogue of our product, if you are willing to resell our products offline. If a customer places an order from catalogue, you can supply it to your customers hassle free from us. You can also take advantage of our drop shipping service in this regard.

3- Commission is paid to the only registered members and if a non registered person refer us a client, the commission will not be paid until he register with us.