Warranty & Return

Quality: The Foremost Preference
We never compromise on quality so that our customers deal with us confidently for a longer period of time. Being a wide range hair dressing instruments manufacturer, we keep close eye on every stage of manufacturing so that our customers may get best output. According to the demand of the buyer, the custom made solution is also provided so that our customers may buy confidently and with ease.

Guarantee/ Warranty
There are so many kinds of guarantee some of them include Manufacturing faults, material and the performance of the product. The guarantee for manufacturing fault is granted for 30 days. We replace or repair the fault you find in the product in the first 30 days.

Refund and Replacement Policy for Wholesaler
Wholesalers are asked to check the samples of the product before placing an order with us. The wholesaler will have to pay for these samples and shipping as well. We will reimburse your sample shipping cost with the order you place with us after the samples are approved. The wholesaler can only replace its product when he found it not according to samples or it looks different from samples. He can only apply for replacement because refund policy is not entertained in case of wholesale.

Refund and Replacement Policy for Retailer
It is necessary for a retailer to return product in the condition and packing he received from us. Contrary to this, 1-5% will be charged as service charges. The replacement item should be repacked carefully to ship us. After thorough examination, if we found it defective, it will be replaced instantly if the item available in our stock. If item not available in stock, we will give manufacturing time to the buyer after getting his consent. Contrary to this, we will refund the customer’s amount excluding shipping, handling cost and tax charges that are non-refundable.

Refund and Re-placement Policy for End user
Please read our terms and conditions carefully before placing any order with us. We are manufacturers and supply on wholesale. You cannot apply for refund in case you purchase any item online through our online store. As an end user, you can only apply for replacement because no refund policy is available for end users at Variety Scissors. Moreover the end user will be responsible for handling charges for this purchase and replacement.

Important Notice:
Before buying any of the products at Variety Scissors, the customer needs to know import policy of his country. In case of cancelation of shipment for any cause, the buyer will be responsible for everything including all expensive occurred.

Re-fund and Replacement Policy for Exporter & Supplier

  • Please visit our factory before placing any order or ask for samples for complete satisfaction before your order.
  • If you are planning for any new model, we will start manufacturing after approval of the sample for such model from you as a customer.
  • You need to verify your consignment within three days after the date of its delivery. If you find any fault, or you consider it not according to the samples, the product can be repaired, replaced or re-manufactured within reasonable time but refund will not be issued in any of the case discussed above.
  • If you purchase any item from available stock at Variety Scissors, you can refund your money within next three days of delivery without any hesitation, if you are not satisfied with the product. After this period, you will not be able to request us for replacement or refund. Moreover, no complaint regarding product will be entertained after three days of delivery.