Payment Method

We accept following payment methods against our orders, so please select a mode that suits you best.

T/T (Wire Transfer)
Please contact us at to transfer the payment in our company account. The company account detail will be sent you instantly as we receive your message.

Western Union Money Transfer
We also accept payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, Money Transfer as alternative payment method. You need to provide us with the following detail to complete transaction:

• Control Number
• Payment Amount
• Sender Name

The detail for Western Union, MoneyGram, Money Transfer is as follow:

Receiver First Name: Muhammad
Receiver Last Name: Nauman
Receiver Country Name: Pakistan

We suggest you to send the transaction detail at to ensure the payment like;

• Sender First Name: ———–?
• Sender Last Name: ————?
• Sender Country Name: ——-?
• Exact Amount: —————–?